About The Artist

Her Discography consisting of #28 original albums produced by her record label ©KTMUSICPRODUCTIONS,LLC

“KIMBERLY THOMPSON” is a 3x GRAMMY WINNING DRUMMER Touring Worldwide via major Pop, Jazz, Classical, & Hip Hop/Rap. (Bachelor Degree) Graduate Honorarium Recipient “Youngest Alumni Achievement Award Winner” i.e. Manhattan School of Music Conservatory, & SESAC Television Composer Award Winner for global network “NBC.”

KIMBERLY is the President of record label, ©KTMUSICPRODUCTIONS,LLC & band leader of “The KIMBERLY THOMPSON Jazz Quartet” featuring her dynamic drumming, arranging, leadership skills & compositional structure. #listenhere
She is a fabulous Fashion Designer, CEO of K.I.M “KEEP IT MOVING” APPAREL (Clothing Line) Worldwide. #purchasehere High Fashion branded “KIMBERLY THOMPSON” for [Promoting Inner Strength & Spiritual Growth.]
Public Speaker KIMBERLY THOMPSON i.e. The “PRIMORDIAL GODDESS” Podcast focuses on spiritual health & ancient divine pathways to THE MOST HIGH. #clickhere to listen.

The cooking production of “KIMBERLY’S KITCHEN” #watchhere prepares exquisite cuisines inspired by The King of Light our redeemer “YAHUSHA HAMASCHIAC,” HALLELUYAH!

[A PRAYER OF GRATITUDE] Todah Rabbah! All The Praise to “YAHUSHA HAMASCHIAC” The King of Light, & Our Shamayim/Heavenly Abba/Father The Most High “YAHUAH ELOHAYKA” The Beloved Ancestors, Messengers, Ascended Masters, Fairies, & The Kingdom of The Shamayim Earth. YAHUSHA BARÁK & SHALOM!

• Late Night with Seth Meyers : An Original Composer for Music LNSM Television Show, SESAC Music Distribution Winner of Compositional Writing & Performance for Television “NBC” Network
• The Donna Summer Musical : Original Performer, Drum Composer & Drum Electronic Programmer for the Broadway Musical
• Chanel N5 (Film) :  Drum Feature for Fashion & Supermodel Catalogue
• MTV “TRL” Drum Feature Live & Worldwide Televised Finale